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How to earn money online from internet?

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How to earn money online from internet?

I can give u the exact methods to earn money online.Remember one thing when I was learning my earning was zero.

If you are looking for magic and instant money than that is not Going to happen.The internet could not give you instant money but can give a long Term wealth.

Don’t make these mistakes:-

  •  Data entry jobs are mostly scam. Don’t waste time on them.
  • There is no way to earn money instantly except crime and scam.

Do these to earn in tons

  • If you are passionate to learn content writing,SEO,designing video,editing videos. You can make a lot of money and passive income.
  • All you need is internet a laptop or mobile and very little investment.

Here below are given 10 proved ways to earn money through internet .

  Blogging is know as a prime way to earn a lot on internet.

 You can make money here just by your writing skills. You can

Earn in two ways here

  • Writing content for others as free lancer
  • Creating you own website and earn through google adsense.

It will take time in starting to build your audience. But you can even earn in millions from here.

You can go ((HERE)) know more about blogging.

2.Become A Freelancer

If you are good programmer,designer,market you can get good in come from here.

You can seek for paid jobs and work for it. All you need is Two thing a core skill and other marketing.

If you don’t know marketing then you can seek a consultant.

3. Learn stock marketing

Usually you don’t need any money start a freelance work but in stock trading you will need a little amount of money.

I warn you that you can lose money in trading so start with a small amount. You can learn basics of stock trading and its all about to pick up right stock.

4. Become a Consultant

You don’t need to be in expert in something or teaching to be an consultant. You just need to be better than your student or client.

You can earn lot of money by giving your precious advice to your clients.

You just need a core skill to be an consultant.

For e.g if you are good at giving advice of finance  related then you can make a website and seek online client and earn through them by just giving advice.

5. Earn money from YouTube

You might know or not aware of people making millions from youtube. It’s not that hard to create videos on YouTube.

Two type of people can be Successful YouTuber.

  • The one who makes  funny/entertaining videos.
  • Who makes highly helpful videos and target a audience.(student,mother,tech geeks)

To know more about youtube visite HERE.

6. From Facebook and Instagram

May be you think It as a joke. But people are earning a lot from it. They are earning 20,000 for a single post.

People related to fashion, technology and other niche. Are earning money. All you need to do is to work on your Instagram or Facebook to build audience of proper niche.

Building a proper audience will make your earn money  by promoting ads of products.

7. Buy and sell domains

This may be little tricky to understand. But you can earn money by selling domains. Some prefer to buy domain with good and decent traffic rather than creating it from scratch.

Domain with good traffic and SEO sells at very high price. You can buy domains or if you have domain you are not using you can sell it and earn money. You can sell domains at

Domain buying and selling is little tricky as i said it’s better to consult someone or get expertise in it otherwise you will loose money.

8. Income from writing work

Having good writing skills and grammar can lead you to earn a lot.

You should have good english and grammar. If you are not good at English or grammar you can learn it fr free courses available on YouTube.

Companies around the world are in search of good writers they are willing to pay 5,000₹-20,000₹ per Article. You can earn even more per article if you expertise in writing.

9. Make money by affiliate marketing

You can earn by selling products like a retail shop. But here you can be a reseller of Amazon and flipkart and earn a decent amount of money.

Affiliate marketing is a flexible way to earn because it fits with any other online earning way.

You can sell you favorite products on you website or you can share  links to facebooks and instagram and earn money through it.

10. Start a product Startup

You can earn a good amount of money and get rely on it through starting up your own product.

Making a product does not mean expensive product’s such as smartphone,laptop etc. You can start at small scale such as a course, or some product of daily use.

You can hire a team and start  blogs to sell the product online over internet.


 These ways are not going to work if you does not start doing them. Equal action has opposite reaction. Means if you will do something then  you will get something.

I have given ways. How to earn money online? Its your work to implement them.

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